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Chris and Jenny West


Chris West
Chris has been with Elite for 15 years, but has over 20 years of coaching/teaching experience.  His favorite skill to teach is a handstand since it is the foundation for higher level skills.  Chris enjoys fitness and trying to find the best bargain with any product or service.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sports Science from East Carolina University, CPR and First Aid certified, USA Gymnastics certified, Heads Up Concussion training, and BSAC training.  Fun Fact:  Chris has had a total hip replacement.

Jenny West
Jenny has been with Elite for 15 years and was a competitive gymnast for 11 years prior to coaching.  Her favorite skill to teach is an aerial and her favorite game to play is dodge ball...especially with the staff.  Jenny enjoys cheerleading, running, fitness and being a mom.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems from Campbell University, USASF credentialed levels 1 - 5 (stunt and tumble), CPR and First Aid certified, BSAC training, Double Goal Coaching Certification, and Heads Up Concussion training.  Fun Fact:  Jenny met Chris at Elite where he use to be her manager.   

Marcus Felton

Assistant Manager - Tumbling
Cheerleading Coach

Marcus has been with Elite for almost 3 years.  His favorite skills to teach are front handspring and round off back handspring; his favorite game to play is jail dodge ball and Steal the Bacon.  Marcus enjoys reading, video games, wrestling and cheerleading.  One of his biggest interests is coaching and helping students.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Campbell University. CPR and First Aid certification, and Heads Up Concussion training.  Fun Fact:  Marcus didn't cheer in high school.  He cheered at Campbell because a girl in his class invited his friend who invited Marcus.  If it wasn't for Marcus attending Campbell, he wouldn't be at Elite Gym.

Clarissa Rennie

Senior Tumbling Instructor

Clarissa has been Elite for almost 3 years.  Her favorite skill to teach is a standing tuck and her favorite game to play is hide and seek.  Clarissa enjoys cheerleading.  She is currently a student at Harnett Central High School where she is also part of the JROTC program.  Fun Fact:  She has 3 sisters and they are all crazy!

Alania Crosier

Tumbling Instructor

Alania is one of our newer instructors at Elite.  Her favorite skill to teach is a back handspring.  Alania enjoys cheerleading and soccer.  She is currently a student at Neuse Charter School where she is also a cheerleader.  Fun Fact:  She has played many sports including dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball and soccer. 

Meredith Baysa

Summer Camp Instructor
Tumbling Instructor

Meredith has been with Elite for almost 6 years.  Her favorite games to play with the summer campers are dodge ball and hide and seek.  Meredith enjoys traveling.  She is currently enrolled at Meredith College where she will receive her degree in Music Education with a K-12 teaching license and she is CPR certified.  Fun Fact:  Meredith used to take Hula lessons when she was younger because she is part Hawaiian.

Allan Autry

Front Desk Receptionist
After-School/Summer Camp Instructor

Allan has been with Elite for about 2 months.  His favorite game to play is bowling.  Allan enjoys helping others, music, sports, and gaming.  Allan has his Masters in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Georgia, Bachelors degree in Physical Education from Lee University, Softball (ASA, NSA, NCHSAA) and Volleyball (NCHSAA) official.  Fun Fact:  Allan was a silver medalist in Air Hockey at the 2002 NIRSA Region 2 Tournament.

Lindsay Eudy

Tumbling Instructor

Lindsay has been with Elite for almost a year.  Her favorite game to play with the children is dodge ball.  Lindsay enjoys technology, music, reading and tumbling.  She is currently a junior at Triton High School.  Fun Fact:  She likes Science Fiction.

Dontae Elliott

Tumbling Instructor
After-School Assistant

Dontae is one of our newest members of the Elite Gym family.  His favorite skill to teach is a back tuck.  Dontae enjoys singing, dancing, and tumbling.  He has his high school diploma and is CPR certified.  Fun Fact:  Dontae has a two year old son named Jamie.

Nicki Davis

After-School Assistant
Cheerleading Assistant Coach

Nicki is one of our newest members to the Elite Gym family.  She loves watching her son's rodeos, fall festivals and the beach.  Nicki is a volunteer for Guardian and Litem, FBC of Dunn, and her son's school.  She has a degree in Merchandising and Business from East Carolina University and a certification in Guardian and Litem for Harnett, Lee and Johnston Counties. Fun Fact:  She loves rubbing pig and mule ears because they are so soft.

Beth Smith

After-School Assistant

Beth started with Elite at the beginning of the summer.  Her favorite game to play with the students are Annie, Annie Over and Touch Downs Stand Out.  Beth enjoys teaching life/social skills the best:  sharing, caring, taking turns, courtesy, respect and manners.  Beth likes flower gardening, exercising, eating healthy, cooking, learning, dancing and loves coffee and chocolate.  She is currently working on her early childhood education degree.  Fun Fact:  She has been known to break out in spontaneous dance when she gets excited about something.  

Ethan Weaver

Tumbling Instructor

Ethan use to take tumbling classes with Elite and is now an instructor.  He enjoys fishing, golfing, baseball, and hanging with his friends.  Ethan is currently a junior at South Johnston High School.  Fun Fact:  He is on his high school's fishing team.

Taylor Rennie

Tumbling Instructor

Taylor has been working with Elite for over a year.  Her favorite skills to teach is back handspring and favorite game to play is dodge ball.  She enjoys working with computers, putting things together and seeing how things work, listening to music, gymnastics, cheerleading, and softball.  Taylor is currently attends Harnett Central High School, has taken USAG coaching classes along with public safety courses.  Fun Fact:  Taylor has 3 sisters who can be seen with her 90% of the time.

Sarah Bailey

Tumbling Instructor

Sarah has been working for Elite for over a year.  Her favorite skill to teach is a tuck.  She enjoys cheerleading, soccer, and making people smile.  Sarah is currently a senior at South Johnston High School and hopes to further her education in orthopedics in Chapel Hill.  She is CPR certified and will be CNA certified soon.  Fun Fact:  Recovered from ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery.